Recipe: Lobster Pasta by Soo Young Kim, Bistro Viz

Credit: Soo Young Kim, owner/chef of Bistro Viz in San Anselmo, CA
Pair with 2018 Foundry Chardonnay, Courtney’s Vineyard


6 Maine lobster tails
1 fennel bulb, shaved
2 t. crushed garlic
1T butter, more to finish
4 T thinly shaved shallot
1/4 c white wine, pref chardonnay
2 T. chopped chives
Cooked pasta, preferablly Rustichella garganelle or de Cecco Pappardelle


1. In a small-medium saucepan that snugly holds three lobster tail,s, bring 1 c. water to a rapid boil.
place three tails and 1 cub fennel, sliced thinly, into pan.
2. Add enough water to just come to the top of the tails and bring to s slow boil and cook 5-7 minutes.
3. When the tail forms a 90 degree it’s done.
4. Pull the first three tails out and place the next three tails in and repeat. Reserve fennel-lobster broth.
5. While tails cool, heat 1 T butter over medium heat and cook shallots until soft. Add garlic and cook one minute.
6. Add wine and boil until almost dry.
7. Use seafood scissors to extract meat from lobster tails and chop into pieces just over 1/2″
8. Add shells to the fennel-lobster broth and strain. You can do a second wash with plain water to extract more flavor.
9. Add shallot-wine mixture and reduce liquid to half the volume.
10. Add cooked pasta, lobster, chili flake to taste, a few grinds of black pepper and 3 T. butter to the sauce and stir.
11. Serve immediately, with chives.

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